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Mosaic Systems
Mosaic systems establish the interface between operators and technical processes (HMI). Mosaic systems are part of small operating units up to whole panels in control rooms. Standard applications include panels for power plants, chemical industries, sewage plants or building monitoring. The construction of mosaic systems is based upon mosaic grids which are equipped with imprinted mosaic tiles, annunciator modules, switches, pushbuttons and indicators.

Besides the mechanical construction of mosaic systems Pro-Plan does carry out the detail engineering to define terminals for the connection of external cables according to customer requests.

Characteristics of meassurements, ergonomy, flexibility, lifetime, fire behavior or seismic resistance are fulfilled according to customer specifications. Different mosaic systems guarantee optimal solutions for each application.

The mosaic grid PKM-248 made out of polycarbonate is very flexible, easy to modify and light in weight.

PKM 248 is seismic qualified according to IEC 60068.

The gridless mosaic system PGM-24 is based upon mosic tiles forming the surface as well as the construction of the grid. The easy construction leads to a very cost efficient design.

Modification on site of the PGM system are rather work-intense.

The mosaic system PMM-248 is based upon a metal grid made out of aluminum parts (288x288 mm) screwed together.

The metal grid is very robust and suitable for huge panels with high mechanical stress during normal operation.

More about PMM-248...

Mosaic systems based upon metal grids or plastic grids are equipped with mosaic tiles.

The mosaic tiles are made of polycarbonate and are available in differnt sizes and colors.