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Mosaic Built-in Devices

Mosaic built-in devices are electrical modules such as digital displays, switches, pushbuttons or indicators with dimensions according to IEC 61554 (superseding DIN 47300). Pro-Plan designs and manufactures mosaic built-in devices according to customer specification for numerous applications. Pro-plan mosaic built-in devices can not only be integrated into Pro-Plan mosaic systems but also into existing mosaic technology from Siemens KW48 und 8RU, Hartmann & Braun, Kreutzenbeck, Subklew und Boyko-Strey.

Annunciator modules are mosaic built-in devices for display of alarms or statii.

Switches and Pushbuttons are modules for manuel control by operators. For feedback on statii the modules can additionally be equipped with LEDs.

More about switches, pushbuttons...

Special indicators are meant for display of values of process parameters. Types of indicators include digital, analogue and quasianalog indicators.